Thursday, April 16, 2009


I live for the summer days, spending the day and afternoon at the beach, is what I & most girls live for. I have very light skin, and I love the tanned look so Last May I tried tanning on a tanning booth for the first time at [Beach Bum Tanning Salon] and I loved it. I did it last year before prom so I can have that sunkissed look and to make me stand out. Well my boyfriend and family Begged & kind of brain washed me into not tanning ever again on a tanning booth because of all the damages it can do to your skin.

It's been a year since I've been at a tanning salon and I'm dying to go back! Theirs no way I can tan outside because its still a little cold! So I tried a Self tanning skin bronzer!
It's called paradise gold they sell them at your local drug store.

[it looks blurry because i took it with my phone]
the bottle says; Daily Moisturizer For medium skin tones, get a radiant sun-kissed glow while moisturizing. Essential Moisturizers keep skin healthy while creating a subtle glow
Do i recommend this? No, Not really
I've been using for about 2-3 weeks and so far yes I have been seeing results but very very very little. I guess it all depends on how much you put on and how many times you put it on.

As much as I want to give in I am going to TRY to wait for the summer. keyword TRY [lol]

I decided to put pictures of me with a tan and without a tan.

Not tanned ;

the picture speaks for itself. lol this is making me think twice about my tanning addiction

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hello loves, so SPRING 09' is offically here it's a time to feel brand new, with a new season here we can turn a new page in our lives.

This is a nice time to make goals for the summer
  • my goals for this season is to lose 10 lbs'
  • BOOST up my self esteem!
  • I was always interested in Makeup and Hair, this week I started looking online for tips and I came across the youtube tutorials & i LOVE iT they give amazing tips, this motivated me a lot into creating a better makeup collection.
what are your goals for this season ?

I have recently been going out and buying all natural products for my skin and hair. I've come across two lines that I really love. Burt Bees is one of the products that i ABSOLUTELY LA LA LOVE.

my hair was fried by all the heat that I applied to my hair. I went to macy's and instead of buying tons of clothes I bought Burt Bees products. It is 97.2% Natural. The Soy amino acids moisturize and lift hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of volume.

“I love this conditioner! Leaves my hair soft and shiny, but rinses clean – a rare find in any conditioner. And it's 97.20% natural – what more could you want? - Hedi H

I couldn't be any more excited about this, Victoria Secret launches their new organic line - PINK body. Victoria’s Secret traveled around the country speaking to hundreds of girls to figure out what was most important in their lifestyles. And the answer – to be green, and more importantly, to empower others to adopt this trend. It’s all about finding ways to look good, feel good, and do a little good, too. In response to this Victoria's Secret has launched PINK Body, a unique line of skin-loving and earth- friendly products created specifically for the pink girl.

The Energizing line is like a wake up call for your skin, packed with organic citrus and mint.

When skin gets worn and weary, the Energizing line can give it the recharge it needs. I'm telling you guys this will leave your skin soo smooth like never before.

The Nourishing line is infused with Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters to help heal and hydrate.