Thursday, April 16, 2009


I live for the summer days, spending the day and afternoon at the beach, is what I & most girls live for. I have very light skin, and I love the tanned look so Last May I tried tanning on a tanning booth for the first time at [Beach Bum Tanning Salon] and I loved it. I did it last year before prom so I can have that sunkissed look and to make me stand out. Well my boyfriend and family Begged & kind of brain washed me into not tanning ever again on a tanning booth because of all the damages it can do to your skin.

It's been a year since I've been at a tanning salon and I'm dying to go back! Theirs no way I can tan outside because its still a little cold! So I tried a Self tanning skin bronzer!
It's called paradise gold they sell them at your local drug store.

[it looks blurry because i took it with my phone]
the bottle says; Daily Moisturizer For medium skin tones, get a radiant sun-kissed glow while moisturizing. Essential Moisturizers keep skin healthy while creating a subtle glow
Do i recommend this? No, Not really
I've been using for about 2-3 weeks and so far yes I have been seeing results but very very very little. I guess it all depends on how much you put on and how many times you put it on.

As much as I want to give in I am going to TRY to wait for the summer. keyword TRY [lol]

I decided to put pictures of me with a tan and without a tan.

Not tanned ;

the picture speaks for itself. lol this is making me think twice about my tanning addiction

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R.C. said...

oooooohhhh... poor kardashian! That looks like a horrible burn! Aloe gel is the best for soothing skin. Unfortunately I don't have any tanning secrets - I am pretty much snow white myself!!!