Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teen Choice Awards

I must confess I didn't see the Teen Choice Awards, but best believe I was online the next day browsing the outfits that the celebrities wore. It was a shocking to see how many people changed their appearance, from Kat Von D to Kim Kardashian.

Kat Von D - Love it or Hate it ?
I honestly didn't even recognize her at first,in my opinion I perfer her as a brunette. She reminds me of CHER in this picture :x

Kim Kardashian - Love it or Hate it?
I love love love this new look on her, she reminds me of her icon JLO*

Best Dressed - Who do you think?


Kym said...

ewww okay wait.. that was kat von d??? =s

how've you been karen? i feel like i havn't talked to u in forever!

Superficialgirl said...

Yeah i think kat went trashy blond while kim stays totaly classy.

Rai said...

Kat Von D looks a hot ass mess!

Kim Kardashian hair is very JLO.

Best dress? ehhh... I like Ashley and Leighton's dress. lol

Kate ♡ said...

i did not like kat von d's look at all!! kim however i loveee her new hair!