Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flat Iron To Go

My summer vacation is starting next Friday; I am going away to North Carolina For a few days .. it's my cousin sweet 15 and most of my family will be there i am so excited =]
I am sure many of you girls are going away; and well we all want to look great so we have to must have [ to bring ]:: and one of those is the flat iron, check out these ways to take better care of the flat iron so it lasts 'til you get home again.

It's a good idea to have a heat-safe case like this one. Not only will it protect your iron and clothing from heat, it also doubles as a resting spot so you don't burn the counter top at your hotel. They have this same exact one for $ 7 check it out

Wrapping the cord around a flat iron or any electrical device for that matter can stress the connection points and damage the cord rending the hot tool cool forever. Prevent frayed ends by bundling it loosely alongside, not tying it tight.

Put protective material between the plates to prevent scratches and cracks if they clack together. I saved the pad that came in the original packaging for this purpose, but you can add in a small stack of tissues (and rubber band the outside) to cushion it yourself when it's cool only, of course.

Just like you soaked perfume in cotton balls for safe carry-on travel, do the same with styling iron cleaner. Product buildup can pull and snag your hair since gummy plates can't slip and slide down your tresses smoothly.


Sassy Jadore said...

Hey girl,
I notice that you have a new layout. =) That's a very cute Pink haircurler. Thanks for the advice about the plates even though I haven't curled my hair for awhile now since it's short. I still can still do a wave and such, but not actual curls.

K@terina B. said...

wow pink straightening iron??? AMAZING!!! I am an iron addict, I want one...:(


oh this is sooo helpful!!! I really need to get these products for my styling tools... And I agree these are alll must-haves!!! I hope you have fun on your vacay hun! Take care

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hey thanks for sharing this with us, I never even thought of the plates clanking. It seems like a no brainer, but that's something I didn't think of. I will remember to take better care of my flat iron

KRYSTAL said...

that pink iron is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

The case is a great idea karen!!

MzFashionCloset...Confessions of A Shopaholic said...

Great tips!