Friday, June 5, 2009


hey ladies, i just wanted to thank-you ALL for leaving me sweet comments, every morning when i wake up i go check out the blogs you post & to read the comments you left and i wanted to say they just make my day, it's really nice knowing someone is reading your blogs.
Thankyou Pictures, Images and Photos
*excuse the Babsanne thing hehehehe*

a couple of days ago i went to a ice cream place call JUNGLE SNOW and let me tell you it is deliciousss, they are so creative, every flavor has it's own theme. i choose to have chocolate ice cream & since it's called jungle snow the two little sticks that are sticking out is suppose to be bamboo sticks, for my cousin they gave her a Hawaiian strawberry storm it's suppose to be what the Hawaiian dancers wear on there heads, i fell in love with hers i just thought it was so adorable.

my cousin has the cutest puppies ever, the two little ones sleeping on top of each other are officially new members to the family, aren't they the cutest ?!!?!

so, i might be a little late on this but have you seen Kanye West new girl??

her name is Amber Rose; i think her style is so unique and that's what makes her beautiful. she has such a gorgeous face & a nice body. i goggled her up to see what nationality she was & i came across everything but that; i found out a little about her in a radio interview, and she revealed that she is indeed bi-sexual she also has her ex' name tattooed up on her arm; and in a interview she said she would never cover it up. after amber goes on to talk about her bisexuality with dating guys and girls and talks about her well shaved body, yes, her head isn’t the only thing that’s shaved as i kept listing to the conversation she is very OPEN- she goes into the sounds makes during sex, faking orgasms, and more and thats when i just had to stop listening. That really changed my mind about her ... do you think she's a groupie? or just a freak in general .. ??


Kym said...

*drooools* the pics of the ice cream are making me hungry!! hehe... love summer just for that! :)

the puppies are SO adorable, esp. the little little one! heheheh!

and kanye's girl... well i'm behind with the celebrity buzz so i didnt' know but yeah, she's definitely unique!

Kym said...

dunno how i feel about the sex sounds though... thats kinda....weird. haha! i went to a vagina monologues show and they did that kinda thing too ... imitating sounds and it was just so.. WRONG!. hahaha!

Hana aka acutelife said...

ice cream is my fave!!and those ice creams are def pretty! :D abt kenya west's girl...I dont follow celeb news much but from what you said, ^^" I think it's not unique's more on to the weird side??

Tali said...

Goddam it im so hungry now! Oh why oh why did i see this!! Love icecream!!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

the photo of the ice cream really made me crave some cold stones...i think i might be going there today after i take a trip to the local pizzeria.

him and amber rose broke up just to let you know and in some cases, i would say she's a groupie but then again in other cases i would say she's just a bonafide freak and likes to have a good time.

Cupcake Couture said...

Hahaha, she might just be a freak sounds like... haha

Thanks for your sweet comment! I enjoyed the beach, but unfortunately it rained the entire time, so I didn't actually enjoy getting a tan :( Pooie, but there's always next time...

Make sure you join my contest, I have a bunch of goodies I'm getting for the prizes I'm sure you'll love!!


Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

ehhh i dont like herrr. not digging the blonde bald and tights with tiny shirts stylee. lol

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I dont' like Kanye's new girl =/

But omg, I do like those delicious looking pictures!! ^__^

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

They broke up like a couple weeks or days ago. Supposedly she was caught cheating on him again but this time it was with a man instead of a girl like last time, or so rumor has it.

Anonymous said...

Uh the food looks yummy!!! Kanye's whatever girl i am not digging.

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I think they recently broke up! I heard that she's a bit of a "fast girl" and a tad bit unfaithful...... Kanye needs a nice girl... Like me, lol, lol