Thursday, June 11, 2009


hey ladies; my workshop is almost over i am sooo excited about it, I can finally start my summer vacation yippeee :]

My cousin is coming to New York next week; and I cant wait to show her around NYC the only problem is I don't really know where to take her so all my NYC ladies if you can recommend a place, please let me know... i'm already taking her to central park ' 42nd street , a salsa club..

For all of you who don't know what salsa is, it is a Latin dance it requires a lot of foot movements. it's such a great workout as a little girl my mom always played salsa every saturday and sunday mornings while cleaning the house hehe, she would always teach me some new moves. As I got older I joined a salsa dance team it was very fun, i met new people and it is such a relief to dance it was a get away for me .. it's also such a great workout & if you love dancing then i suggest you go Salsa dancingg !!

The first video is Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez dancing salsa and the 2nd video is a salsa dance team; it was very similar to the one i was in hope you enjoy =]


Kym said...

i've ALWAYS wanted to try this... if only i could convince my bf to join me. hahah!

Hana aka acutelife said...

they dance beautifully! :D I wish I could dance salsa too lolz

R.C. said...

wow! Eva Longoria really kicks it!!! Awesome video! I tried salsa with my boyfriend and honestly hated it!!! I hope your experience works out better for you!

Ronette Rose said...

always wanted to learn salsa..looks fun! Interesting blog you have here xoxo

KRYSTAL said...

wow id love to learn how to dance like that!

bananas. said...

you live in NYC...oh i'm so jealous.

and salsa dancing is so much fun. you'll have a blast.

Cupcake Couture said...

Hey girl! I believe the sale is going on until Julyish... that sale always lasts the longest... My local Bath and Body Works doesn't have it, I actually found it in a bigger one.

Did you end up getting it???